Holidays to Mauritius – For Rendezvous with Nature!!

Published: 16th January 2012
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With its bewitching offerings, holidays to Mauritius are something that casts a spell on almost every traveller. Natural splendour that will take you to nirvana, mind-blowing ambience to treat the senses, vibrant culture to feast the eyes and overwhelming hospitality to make one feel like in heaven – that’s the magic of Mauritius, eternal and blissful!!

Luxury Holidays to Mauritius are not only about sunbathing and swimming, but also about the mesmerizing feeling of getting pampered in the environs where white sand, turquoise water and azure sky mingle together to form the breathtaking vistas. A spectrum of tourist delights along with awe-inspiring natural wonders makes sure that tourists on Mauritian vacation have a time of their lives. Look and peruse the bewildering attractions that makes for a wonderful Mauritius holidays.

Black River Gorges National Park

Mauritius is an ideal rendezvous for meeting the marvels of nature! Black River Gorges National Park is one such site where the encounter with 300 species of flowering plants stupefies you and nine different species of unique Mauritian birds heightens the urge to fly. Hiking the crisscrossed trails of Black River Gorges National Park is the best way to revel in the beauty of this park. Catch sight of Mauritian Kestrel, Pink Pigeon and other such exotic birds in order to experience the essence of the park.

Chamarel Falls and the Colored Earths

The sight of Chamarel Coloured Earths will take your breath away and it’s a moment that will last forever. Rainbows in sky are common but rainbows on earth are unforeseen! See them in Mauritius at Chamarel Coloured Earths - a place where earth boasts seven different colours in the exposed hillsides. After getting dazzled from the usual spectacle of multi-hued earth, make a beeline to Chamarel and encounter the crystal clear water cascading down the cliff. It remains one of Mauritius’ must visit attractions and is frequented by every kind of tourist – be it a backpacker on cheap vacations or a family on luxury Mauritius holidays!

Ile Aux Aigrettes

One of the 49 islets environing the island of Mauritius, Ile aux Aigrettes has everything to impress the roving souls. The islet has been declared as a natural reserve and is home to several rare species of wildlife like Aldabra tortoises, Ornate Day Geckos and Telfair’s skink. Wander around the Ebonies, and catch the glimpse of strange named trees like Rat wood, Ox wood, and Bottle palm. Tourists on luxury holidays to Mauritius have a special reason to plan a visit to Ile aux Aigrettes. The region boasts of some incredibly lavish resorts that are fully-equipped to pamper tourists who have a taste for the very best!

Casela Nature & Leisure Park

Situated in the western part of Mauritius and nestled in the middle of Flic en Flac and Tamarin, Casela Nature & Leisure Park is real treat to adventure spirits. Visitors can get the witness 1500 birds of over 150 species and encounter a varied array of animals including lions, monkeys, Mauritian Macaques, tigers and lemurs. Visitors can feed the giant tortoises, stoke a lion or enjoy a quad bike tour at the park. One can also make way to scenic vantage point and feast the eyes with picturesque views of the west coast.

Trou Aux Cerfs

Trou Aux Cerfs is a crater that formed millions of years ago after the eruption of a volcano. The place is a popular attraction in Curepipe which is located in the district of Plaines Wilhems. Breathtaking sight of the dormant volcano leaves visitors pondering for a while. If yearning for a respite from natural environs, then head to Curepipe and try some retail therapy!

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